Marketing from the Outside In

It’s natural to hope that you will build it and they will come. But at Henriott Marketing Strategies, we know that customers buy for their reasons, not yours. That’s why every project we undertake focuses on your customers by leveraging our proprietary “Outside In” marketing methodology.

With our CMO to Go™ service we work with early stage software and services firms as an outsourced marketing executive. We develop go-to-market positioning and strategy and then implement a disciplined, cost-effective plan. Since most of these clients don’t have a marketing team in-house, we quickly deliver results by leveraging an extensive network of partners who provide specialized services in the areas of website development, copywriting, graphic design, public relations, event planning and direct marketing.

Henriott Marketing Strategies also works with a number of large software providers who need a resource with an executive mindset to lead a large project like a product launch or repositioning. Regardless of your company size, our service offerings all focus on a single, ultimate goal: helping you realize measurable revenue gains.

Marketing Strategist
Capitalizing on years of marketing and sales experience, Henriott Marketing Strategies can develop a plan or validate your strategy, determining the right marketing mix, priorities, timeline and budget.

CMO to Go
Many organizations need a marketing expert but aren’t yet ready to invest in a full-time executive. Our CMO to Go™ service fills that void by providing a resource to map out the strategy, assemble the team and guide the execution of the plan.

Product Marketing Analyst
Based on careful analysis of market needs, product capabilities and competitor strengths and weaknesses, Henriott Marketing Strategies can help you set product positioning, packaging and pricing.

Marketing Coach
We collaborate with your team to provide advice, brainstorming and critique while teaching proven methodologies that set the stage for success.

Branding Audit
Henriott Marketing Strategies can provide a quick, unbiased audit that benchmarks your marketing efforts against competitors and industry leaders then suggests opportunities for improvement.

Marketing Training
We have developed custom training courses for large Fortune 500 IT departments who need to teach their staff how to leverage the power of marketing on a daily basis.


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